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Xaar 128 printheads implemented in MapleJet Hx Cartro IoT printer

January 7, 2021  By PrintAction Staff

Xaar 128 printheads are delivering precision and connectivity to the new MapleJet Hx Cartro IoT printer. Designed for developing markets, the printer uses two stitched Xaar 128 printheads and is simple to use, flexible and connected using Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

IoT-enabled printers drive operational efficiencies for companies and reduce the need for maintenance, as the printer can self-diagnose, allowing for effective troubleshooting before issues arise.

The printer generates data at the point of print and can send this to the cloud, providing live reports for manufacturers, helping them control their inventory and production in real-time. Operators can also control several Hx Cartro printers by using their tablet or smartphone.


The Xaar 128 is a 17mm piezoelectric drop-on-demand printhead. The 16-gram agile printhead is ideal for uses ranging from 2D data matrix coding and brand graphics to expiry dates and batch codes across both primary and secondary packaging.

Recent manufacturing optimizations have added a programmable circuit which provides control and tuning of the printhead, as well as better control of ink characteristics and print quality.

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