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Xaar launches new printhead

November 18, 2022  By PrintAction Staff

Xaar unveils the Xaar Aquinox printhead for printing aqueous fluids. The Aquinox is the latest development from Xaar’s ImagineX platform.

It is empowered with Xaar’s aQ Power Technology that has a redesigned internal architecture, new water compatible materials capable of coping with an extended working range of pH levels, and a drive system enabling optimum drop ejection.

Xaar Aquinox can achieve speeds of over 100m/min, a native resolution of 720dpi and firing frequency of up to 48kHz.

John Mills, CEO of Xaar, said, “The introduction of the Xaar Aquinox, powered by our ImagineX platform, is our most significant product launch in recent years. The Aquinox demonstrates our commitment to driving the future of inkjet into new and ever more sustainable applications, and we are proud of this revolutionary transformation in aqueous inkjet printing. From textiles to ceramics and packaging, we see the Xaar Aquinox breaking new ground, enabling new water-based print applications, many of which were previously not possible with inkjet.”

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