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Xante iQueue 13 for mail jobs

April 8, 2019  By PrintAction Staff

Xante says it is making the preparation and printing of mail jobs “more powerful, simpler and much more economical” with iQueue 13, its flagship Adobe PostScript PDF workflow software.

The workflow software, Xante says, will allow printing companies to import their clients’ mailing list, scrub, sort, and update it for change-of-address within seconds. The addresses process quickly through iQueue’s Cloud servers containing the USPS CASS and NCOALink databases. Additionally, the iQueue software will generate and print the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb) on every piece for maximum discounts and assurance of accurate delivery, it explains. All required USPS documentation for the mailing is created and filled in with the mail preparer’s information and pertinent data about the mailing. The preparer may submit the documentation electronically to the USPS data processing network directly from a link within iQueue.

After processing the list through the USPS network for address and change-of-address accuracy, the commercial print provider can incorporate the list into an existing job through iQueue’s Variable Data engine and printing can begin. The new version includes a selection for CASS-certified variable data and automatically formats an address block, including the IMb barcode. Placement of the variable data on the piece is a “drag and drop” operation within iQueue. The iQueue-powered Xante digital press prints the entire list in the required order (or reverse order) for sorting into trays or sacks depending on the job. A separator page can mark the divisions between each tray or sack.


After scrubbing the list, iQueue 13 allows the mail preparer to review and correct any addresses that were either partially or completely incorrect. A link to Google search is embedded in the same window with the returned address results.

Use of the mail preparation features of iQueue 13 will be available to Xante customers free of charge for 12 months from date of first use. The subscription will include unlimited use. iQueue 13 runs on any Windows 7 PC or later and is compatible with Xante products.

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