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Color-Logic Touch7 photo ECG tool

October 21, 2019  By PrintAction Staff

At Printing United in Dallas, Color-Logic will introduce Touch7 Photo ECG, an Extended Color Gamut (ECG) tool designed to simplify the use of extended colour gamut in wide-format and digital presses.

Touch7 Photo ECG, according to Color-Logic, is a Photoshop plugin that enables the designer or prepress operator to add one, two, or three ECG separations into an image in only a few seconds. As well it aims to eliminate the need to create manual masks, thus any designer using Photoshop CC can do this kind of work. In addition, Touch7 Photo ECG does not require ICC profiles to create the ECG separations, enabling designers to create, at the design stage, five-, six-, or seven-colour separations and then send the file to prepress for production, where ICC colour management is used to map the image to the ink set of the printer or press.


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