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Kodak releases Sonora Plate Savings Estimator

October 21, 2019
By PrintAction Staff


To help printers who are considering changing their plates to process free, Kodak has developed the Sonora Plate Savings Estimator, a new online tool that allows printers to calculate their estimated savings if they were to switch from a traditionally processed plate to Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates.

Traditional plate processing uses water, energy, and chemicals to prepare plates for the press after imaging on the CTP device, Kodak explains, adding that the processing step also adds variability that impacts efficiency and costs in the pressroom. The Sonora Plate Savings Estimator provides a customized calculation of the savings a printer could see if they integrate Sonora plates into their operations.

To get started, the user enters information about their current plate volumes, type of plate processing used, plate price, and the location of their business. The Savings Estimator will then calculate the total estimated savings for several local currencies.


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