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MCT offers VersaTech2 flatbed packaging cutter

July 13, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

MCT Digital has released a new mid-level flatbed cutter solution for package prototyping and short to medium-run production. The VersaTech2 system comes in 1.6 m, 2.5 m, or 3.2 m flatbed or full conveying versions, including full cutting lengths up to 6.4 m.

The new offering, MCT says, can be configured as flatbed cutters without automation for prototyping, or with the addition of board feeding, conveying and offloading capabilities, may be used as a short-run packaging solution. The solutions run at a speed of up to 78 inches per second and 1.25 g acceleration. Included in the flatbed system are a knife and creasing tools, along with a full cutting mat underlayment.

MCT explains the system can also be fitted with an extended conveyor to improve offloading capabilities, and are capable of incorporating MCT’s laser solution. It says through the dual conveyor solution, incorporating an aluminized laser belt as well as a traditional mat conveyor, the VersaTech2 can provide full automation with conveying for laser, router, and knife cutting on a single installation.


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