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Workers feeling the strain
Employers are optimistic about the year ahead, but these sentiments are not shared by staff, for whom sinking morale, burnout and stress-related absences have spiked. This combination means employer efforts to hit aggressive business targets in 2015 could be seriously undermined if current staff are made to bear the burden.
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Struggling to seal the deal?
Companies are increasingly willing to negotiate salaries for today's top candidates – if they can find them.
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Plan sponsors face challenges
Cautious economic forecasts are creating challenges for defined benefit (DB) plan sponsors already facing a potential increase in their pension obligations.
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Focus on leadership and engagement
Employee engagement and leadership are the two most significant challenges to workforce productivity in 2015.
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How do you measure up?
The vast majority of defined contribution (DC) and group RRSP plan sponsors report their capital accumulation plans are meeting their objectives.
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Workers plan to delay retirement
Today's employees expect to continue working longer than previous generations. About one in five Canadians expect to work well into their 70s.
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Millennials want leadership skills
Nearly two-thirds of Millennials employed in leadership roles felt "unprepared" when starting in these positions, and many reported their lack of experience presented challenges in managing difficult people and resolving conflict.
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