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Print Left Off Flight Exemption List

January 6, 2010  By Jon Robinson

In a confusing move by Transport Canada, new regulations regarding what can be brought into the cabin during air travel could exclude printed materials such as books and magazines. The National Post
reported yesterday that Transport Canada, in response to the Christmas Day
attempt by Umar Farouk to blow up a passenger plane, has far-reaching restrictions which only exclude a small number of items.
According to the National Post, the carry-on ban includes
everything except for: medication, medical devices, small purses, cameras,
coats, items for care of infants, laptop computers, crutches, canes, walkers,
containers carrying life-sustaining items, special-needs items, musical
instruments, or diplomatic or consular bags.
Because newspapers, magazines and books are not on Transport
Canada’s list of exceptions, news organizations across the country are asking
if these printed items, and others, are effectively banned from flights. The
National Post story quotes Transport Canada spokesperson Melanie Quesnel
stating that the ban is to stay in effect “until further notice.”
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