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Propago adds new features to increase web-to-print efficiency

January 20, 2020  By PrintAction Staff

Propago has introduced three new features designed to help print providers increase their web-to-print workflow efficiency.

Propago, a Cloud-based web-to-print and marketing asset management software firm, is rolling out three new features and improvements to its platform designed to improve supply chain efficiency.

“We’re always working towards providing new innovative solutions for our customers,” said Rick Aberle, CEO of Propago. “We want to exceed the expectations of our customers with unique approaches to address their challenges and objectives, reduce complexity while gaining efficiency and speed through streamlined production and fulfilment.”

The first major feature is Propago Offers, a tool for collecting orders together which can be useful for those with franchise clients. Used to streamline production and fulfilment, Offers is a new way to bundle orders together from a preselected group of products and puts them on an “on hold” status until the offer ends or is manually processed. Once processed, the orders are released and sent to their respective production/procurement/fulfilment workflows. From a production standpoint, Offers reduces procurement and production by aggregating orders together over time and batching them up to be processed in bulk, Propago explains. Offers can be set to start and end on predefined dates or they can be available indefinitely and processed as desired.

“This new feature provides many benefits to our direct customers as well as their clients,” says Aberle. “It is a perfect tool for clients who need to organize collective ordering activity across a wide user base. Our clients realize lower production costs on items produced with demand aggregation, increase supply chain efficiency by aggregating orders and pushing to procurement/production/fulfilment all at once, and give end users the incentive of unlocking lower prices.”

Raw materials is a new feature to the Propago platform that gives customers the ability to tie “raw material” items to finished good items so that they can track their inventory of raw materials easier. The raw materials will be consumed automatically against the finished good items either during production or fulfilment. This feature allows platform users to track inventory and run reports on the use of blanks, shells, and other inventoried items that aren’t finished products.

Another new feature added to Propago’s platform is the warehouse gun interface, a new browser-based interface designed for mobile screens (smartphones and RF guns) that allow warehouse personnel to quickly perform basic warehouse functions like product lookup, transacting inventory and picking orders. The streamlined mobile interface gives users access to inventory and location information and can make frequently repeated fulfilment and warehouse tasks quicker and easier.

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