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Unlocking maximum ROI with large format UV LED printers

The checklist to success Optimizing the return on investment in digital printing is vital in today’s competitive market. But where to start? It takes two things: an understanding of the key factors that influence profitability and the willingness to change the strategy. PSPs ready to tread new path are bound to catapult their ROI to new heights. Here’s how.

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Erik Norman of swissQprint America explains how he and his team advise customers to approach ROI optimization:

The ROI breakdown

When it comes to large format UV LED printers, ROI is not just an acronym; it is a game-changer. Maximizing your ROI means harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technology to create a seamless blend of efficiency, quality, and profitability. Key factors are:


1. Reliability: You need equipment and partners you can rely on 100 percent. The printers must be precise for spot-on results, and built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty production. This ensures minimal downtime and maintenance costs, both very measureable factors. You also want equipment that does not need to be replaced every 4 to 5 years. Apart from the equipment you want a partner supporting you in every aspect – training, inspiration and technical advice – and at any time.

2. Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF): Your time is money, and every minute your printer is down translates to potential revenue loss. swissQprint systematically monitors the machine reliability and has measured above the average results. When evaluating equipment, it might be worth asking the supplier for their standards.

3. Reasonable service contracts (or none at all): We are in an industry riddled with service contracts that drain your resources. Imagine the savings when you are not bound by restrictive service agreements. Your ROI equation becomes simpler and more rewarding, as you retain control over your maintenance budget and allocate resources where they truly matter. Printers with low service requirements, high efficency, and no mandatory service contracts will potentially save hundreds of thousands over the operational lifetime.

Strategies for skyrocketing ROI

Changes to any bussiness may be painstaking to launch, but they have the potential to motivate and retain your workforce and to pay off in multiple ways:

1. Quality and versatility that sells: Attract more premium customers with higher value products. High-end clients are willing to pay for exquisite print quality and embelishments such as texture or specialty colors and effects. Given the appropriate equipment printing with 1350 dpi at a rate beween 20-80 boards/hour is well possible.

2. Streamlined production: Minimize bottlenecks and delays with a reliable printer that can keep up with your demands. Increased production capacity means more orders fulfilled, translating to greater revenue.

3. Diversified offerings: Think out of the box, and experiment with new substrates, applications and special effects. From signage and banners to packaging prototypes to interior decor, tap into new markets and expand your revenue streams.

4. Reduced idle time and wasted effort: When your equipment delivers consistent performance, your team can focus on creating, innovating, and driving your business forward. Install equipment your operators love to run, and watch your efficiency increase. We like ot say that the most productive equipment is the one operators enjoy running.

The ROI reality

Imagine a world where your large format UV LED printer not only pays for itself but propels your business into a realm of unprecedented profitability. Break free from the constraints of service contracts, experience unmatched versatility and reliability, and enjoy a game-changing ROI that is tailor-made for your success.

Don’t wait, elevate

Look into new possibilites and join the ranks of visionary businesses that have transformed their operations, elevated their profitability, and left their competition behind.

Feel free to contact the swissQprint US subsidiary if you are ready to assess your potential: +1 224 802 2770.

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