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BCPIA Partners with NAPL

September 15, 2010


The British Columbia Printing & Imaging Association (BCPIA) has signed an agreement with the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) to have its members gain an Affiliate Membership to the NAPL. This move means active members of the BCPIA will gain the tools and resources offered by the New Jersey-based NAPL.

Marilynn Knoch, Executive Director of BCPIA, says, “BCPIA is enthusiastic about these new resources. We are always looking for additional industry-specific value-added benefits for our members. This agreement with NAPL provides our Active Members with access to such valuable components of NAPL as the NAPL Information Central™, online Hourly Rate Tools, access to Member-Only Web pages, and discounts on NAPL products, services, programs, and publications.”

“We are very excited to bring the BCPIA members into the NAPL Community,” says Kristen Kitchen, NAPL Director of Membership. “They will benefit from many different perspectives in the form of education; NAPL Management Plus™ Best Practices Assessment tools; NAPL communications, newsletters and webinars; members-only pricing; and the very popular online management tools. Among the programs they will be invited to join are our NAPL Research Center Studies, Performance Indicators, and all other NAPL-specific events. These are just a few of the great benefits of NAPL membership and we look forward to bringing more to the BCPIA members!”

Specific details about this new relationship has been posted on the BCPIA website under Member Benefits.

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