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Creditor Group to Buy Canwest newspaper chain for $1.1-billion

May 11, 2010  By Jon Robinson

CanWest Global Communications, operating under bankruptcy since October 2009, yesterday agreed to sell its newspapers assets for $1.1-billion to a group of bondholders led by National Post President and CEO, Paul Godfrey.

Godfrey’s bidding group holds 9.25 percent of senior subordinated notes in Canwest Limited Partnership (CLP), a publishing division controlling the newspaper assets, which is described as Canada’s largest newspaper chain (46 dailies and weeklies), including the National Post.

The court-appointed monitor of Canwest, FTI Consulting Canada, in consultation with the RBC Capital Markets, “determined that the bid by members of [Godfrey’s group] constituted a superior cash offer,” according to a company statement, yesterday. The purchase price of approximately $1.1 billion includes $950 million in cash funding. CLP owes senior secured lenders around $925 million.

Canwest is now advancing the bid for court approval on May 17, 2010, while targeting to close the deal on or before July 15, 2010.

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