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Gandy Digital Reveals Pred8tor Inkjet

October 19, 2010  By

Gandy Digital unveiled what it calls “the next generation of grand format digital” to the North American audience at the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Expo. Called the Pred8tor, the machine leverages 30 years expertise of founder James Gandy, formerly of Gandinnovations.

According to Gandy Digital, the 6.2-metre-wide Pred8tor will print a 1.22m (4ft) x 2.44m (8ft) sheet
of rigid material (up to 50mm (2 inches) thick) in under 1 minute. Roll
to Roll printing is also achieved with the optional rewind unit and will
print at speed and high quality on all flexible materials with a roll
width up to 2.44m (8ft) and up to 40cm (16 inches) diameter rolls,
including heavy vinyl’s and mesh.

The Pred8tor can also accommodate rigid materials
larger than the bed size with the Print Extension Table option where users can
print up to 2.44m (8ft) wide and any length rigid material.
Backlit printing is attained with the built in back
light camera that detects the print on both sides of the material and
matches it up.

The machine is controlled via a touch-screen interface in the form of Apple’s iPad. Users can step and repeat, rotate, delete ripped images, create jobs and more. The iPad application will also contain video tutorials and a new feature called iMediaMarket, which in addition to linking the user with consumables suppliers, will also keep track of inventory and warn when supplies get low.

Gandinnovations was sold to Agfa Graphics at the start of this year after it filed for bankruptcy protection in May of 2009.  Today, Agfa continues to sell the Jeti line, which first introduced at SGIA Expo in 2002. Gandy Digital operates out of two locations: San Antonio, Texas and Oakville, Ontario.

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