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Herma adds variable labelling height option to InNo-Liner system

May 29, 2020  By PrintAction Staff

Herma has added a variable labelling height option to its InNo-Liner system, developed for shipping companies that would like to implement linerless technology. The labels can be applied to the top of shipping cases of different heights that are fed to the applicator in any sequence.

“The variable labeling height was the final development stage leading to the start of series production,” said Martin Kühl, leader of Herma’s labeling machines division. “It was accomplished with the help of the knowledge we have gained from the first test runs together with customers, which began last fall.”

The production model transfers the non-sticky label to a tamp pad, which is equipped with a box height sensor. A water activation unit performs a transverse motion underneath the label, using micro-atomized water to activate the adhesive on the label. Next, the linear transfer unit automatically moves the tamp pad with the activated label to the required labelling height for the next case in the line. The labels are adhered using Herma’s patented multi-layer adhesive 82S.


“It does not involve any solvents, heat or other activation media associated with possibly undesirable side-effects,” said Dr Thomas Baumgärtner, managing director of Herma.  “In addition, the cost is much the same as that of a conventional self-adhesive label. At the same time, the demand for genuinely sustainable packaging solutions is steadily gathering momentum.”

The InNo-Liner system will be commercially available in October 2020. However, Herma has launched an app for Apple and Android devices that uses augmented reality to show interested parties the system in action by projecting it virtually into their own operating environment on the device screen.

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