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Jet Label Installs Canada’s First Indigo WS6600

May 29, 2012

Jet Label of Edmonton, self-described as the largest label manufacturer in Western Canada, becomes the first Canadian printing company to install HP’s recently released Indigo WS6600 press.

Founded in 1997, Jet Label’s growth over the past decade expanded from its initial Edmonton facility to additional operations in Calgary, Saskatoon, Prince George, Vancouver and Winnipeg. Today, Jet Label specializes in label manufacturing for a number of primary Canadian economic sectors, including agriculture, forestry, airline, grocery, food processing, warehousing and pharmacy.

The acquisition of Canada’s first HP Indigo WS6600 press allows Jet Label to continue its growth with new products and service offerings. “The HP Indigo WS6600 digital press opens many doors for Jet Label,” said Darrell Friesen, co-owner of Jet Label. “This significant capital investment is critical to our company’s business development. We are excited to see how far this press can take us.”


The Indigo WS6600 was first introduced to the market in September 2011. Today, the press features three maximum speed modes, including: 98 feet per minute in four-colour mode; 130 feet per minute in HP’s new Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM), which effectively removes the black channel; and 196 feet per minute in 1- or 2-colour mode.

The Indigo WS6600 features resolutions of 812- and 1219-dpi at 8-bit, as well as an apparent resolution of 2,438 x 2,438-dpi, while printing text as small as 0.7 point.