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Most Influential Printer 2010

July 7, 2010  By Jon Robinson


After nearly three months and 10,000 individual votes, the final five
printers have been named in PrintAction‘s program to determine Canada’s
Most Influential Printer, 2010.

Jean Deschamps, JB Deschamps
John Gagliano, St. Joseph Print & Documents
Dick Kouwenhoven, Hemlock Printers
Jamie O’Born, The Printing House
Brian Reid, Transcontinental Printing
Voting was completed on October 20, 2010. To find out who was named the most influential printer in Canada, please read the November edition of PrintAction.



About the Program

The new PA50 program is built on a 3-round voting system for the printing public to decide which leader is Canada’s Most Influential Printer in 2010. (Please see Changes to this Year’s PA50, at the bottom of this page, for a brief explanation or read PrintAction‘s July issue.)

The Top 10 printers from the PA50 are ranked and seeded into one of 10 groups, while the names of the 40 remaining PA50 printers, who are unranked, have been randomly drawn and placed into one of the 10 groups.

Your voting should be based on two primary areas of influence:

1. Which PA50 printer most influences the direction of Canada’s printing industry, and

2. Which PA50 printer most influences the direction of your company.


The Top 10 printers on this year’s PA50 list are:

1. Brian Reid, Transcontinental Printing
2. John Gagliano, St. Joseph Print & Documents
3. Dick Kouwenhoven, Hemlock Printers
4. Philippe Cloutier, Worldcolor Canada (Quad)
5. Allen Hallis, R.R. Donnelley Canada
6. Sean Murray, Advocate Publishing & Printing
7. George Kallas, Metropolitan Fine Printers
8. Ward Griffin, The Lowe-Martin Group
9. Jamie O’Born, The Printing House
10. Gulam Jaffer, West Star Printing

 The Voting Process

To promote objectivity in the process, the voter must choose one individual from each grouping for their vote to count. After Round 1 of voting, the top two vote receivers in each group move onto Round 2, from where the final five finalists will vie for the title of Canada’s Most Influential Printer 2010.

PrintAction readers will be updated on the voting progress through the magazine’s weekly e-newsletter until the winner is announced this Fall. Votes are limited to one per person.


The original groups were (click each name for biography, bolded names moved on to Round 2) :


Brian Reid
President, Transcontinental Printing

Ronald Arends
President & CEO, Canadian Bank Note

Murali Dorai
Vice President, ISS National Operations Symcor

Andrew Hrywnak
President, Print Three

George Mazzaferro
Owner, RP Graphics Group


John Gagliano
President, St. Joseph Print & Documents

John Bacopulos
President & CEO, Ironstone Media

Rick O’Connor
Chief Operating Officer, Black Press

David Odell
President & CEO, The DATA Group

Rich Pauptit
President, Flash Reproductions


Dick Kouwenhoven
President & CEO, Hemlock Printers

Peter Cober
President, Cober Printing

Jean Deschamps
President & CEO, J.B. Deschamps

Marc Fortier
President, TI Group

Dennis Low
President, Point One Graphics


Philippe Cloutier
President, Worldcolor Canada

Matthew Alexander
President & CEO, Colour Innovations

Scott Crosby
Owner, Holland & Crosby

Cathie Ellis
President, Ellis Packaging

Kevin Nicholds
President & CEO, Dollco Printing



Allen Hallis
President, R.R. Donnelley Canada

Jamie Barbieri
President, PDI (Phipps Dickson Integria)

Mike Collinge
President, Webcom

Jeff Ekstein
President, Willow Print Group

Rob van Velzen
President, The FSA Group


Sean Murray
President & CEO, Advocate Publishing & Printing

Bruce Berry
President & CEO, Winpak

Curwin Friesen
President & CEO, Friesens

Jay Mandarino
President, C.J. Graphics

Ralph Misale
Chief Operating Officer, Eclipse Imaging


George Kallas
President & CEO, Metropolitan Fine Printers

Al Carbone
Executive Vice President, Rosmar Litho

Paul Henderson
VP & Plant Director, VistaPrint North America

Sandeep Lal
President & CEO, Metro Label

Warren Werbitt
Founder & CEO, Pazazz Printing


Ward Griffin
President & CEO, The Lowe-Martin Group

Jean Grégoire
President & CEO, Imprimerie Solisco

Juan Lau
President & CEO, Icon Digital Productions

Richard McCallum
President & CEO, McCallum Printing Group

Dean Zavarise
Executive VP & GM, Torstar Printing Group


Jamie O’Born
President, The Printing House

David Allan
President & CEO, Rhino Print Solutions

François Chartrand
President, Imprimerie L’Empreinte

Dave Harb
President, Trade Secret Printing

Dean McElhinney
General Manager, Unicom Graphics


Gulam Jaffer
President & CEO, West Star Printing

Mary-Jean Irving
President & CEO, Master Packaging

Edward Kouwenhoven
President, Generation Printing

Damian McDonald
VP & General Manager, Ampersand Printing

Glen Warren
Owner, Warren’s Waterless Printing


For the past several years, PrintAction worked to remain true to the program title of Canada’s 50 Most Influential People in Graphic Communications, when listing the leaders shaping the near-future of such a far-reaching business arena. We realize, that in the past, the PA50 listing unsettled many people in the printing industry. We certainly heard about it. But, at the turn of this past decade, it was more important to illustrate the external forces in graphic communications effecting the business of printing.

With these forces now well understood, we have decided to revamp the PA50 to focus entirely on printers. The new PA50, which marks the ninth year of the program, will remain true to the title of Canada’s 50 Most Influential Printers. To this end, we have excluded sectors like technology supply and service, education and brokerage from the listing, while acknowledging such individuals are vitally important to Canadian printing.

You will also notice that only the Top 10 printers are now ranked, with the 40 remaining PA50 printers listed in alphabetical order. This is largely because it would be nearly impossible to assess influence among so many private companies. It is easier, of course, to assess the fiscal position and investment practices of public companies, which constituted the majority of PA50 listings in previous years.

The new PA50 program is also structured in a way that allows the printing public to determine Canada’s Most Influential Printer in 2010, who will be named this Fall after three distinct rounds of voting, lasting nearly four months.

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