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New UV coating unit for Koenig & Bauer C16

June 23, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Koenig & Bauer has introduced new products for commercial presses, aiming to help commercial printing companies become more versatile and challenging.

The new UV coater offers production speeds of up to 60,000 rph and features highly automated operation and automatic cleaning at the push of a button and anilox roller change within a few minutes. The coating unit is suitable for full-solid finishing of covers or as spot coating for the partial finishing of printed images. The company explains a compact UV dryer is integrated into the superstructure after the coating unit to allow a wide range of paper substrates to be processed. The UV coater processes substrates with a grammage of between 60g/m² – 250g/m² (38 – 160lbs). Between 2 and 5g/m² of coating is applied depending on the anilox roller.

Meanwhile, Koenig & Bauer says intelligent copy control in the quarterfold makes for a trouble-free folding sequence, and as a result, production conditions are always consistent irrespective of operator skill. Copies are slowed effectively and with a minimum of abrasion, and aligned in the direction of fold during deceleration, says the company. The automatic copy control system is self-adjusting regardless of production speed and copy thickness.


Koenig & Bauer explains the microporous turner bars no longer need to be set for different ribbon widths, and can operate with a minimal air cushion and ribbon guides. A modular design and dedicated drives throughout allow the superstructure to be customized for specific production scenarios, the company says, noting a short web lead allows a more even web tension.

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