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PANTONE Introduces Printer Certification Program

May 10, 2011  By

PANTONE announced a new program which allows printers to be certified to enable accurate PANTONE Solid and Process Colour Matching throughout its production workflow, from intake and ink mixing to print production and customer handling.

“Designers rely on their chosen print provider to accurately reproduce their projects, regardless of the many variables that can affect colour reproduction,” said Giovanni Marra, Director of Corporate Marketing at Pantone. “By selecting a PANTONE Certified Printer, designers can rest easy knowing the printer has an effective color reproduction process in place with all of the required tools to properly evaluate colour and ensure the best match to PANTONE colours.”

The PANTONE Certified Printer Program focuses on measurement, control and communication, and audits each step of the process including prepress, press and ink. Through the use of instruments and ink formulation software, PANTONE Certified Printers can calculate the best possible match to a client’s chosen substrate and set realistic expectations by providing a report that indicates how closely a designer can expect to match any given colour. Those printing to the GRACoL standard can use PANTONE Colour Numbers straight from PANTONE Guides; others can calculate the best four-colour build for their press conditions by using PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software.

Printers can be a part of the PANTONE Certified Printer Program for US$7,850, which covers the first year of certification and a one-year PANTONE license. Additional plants can be added for $4,100. Re-certification is $6,050 per year. PANTONE says there may be additional costs for products, software and equipment calibration necessary to pass audit requirements.

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