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The Order of the Forest

September 25, 2009
By Jon Robinson


Canopy Order of the ForestAt the third-annual Paper Futures Forum in Toronto, Canopy presented Jean Denault, VP, Procurement and Technology, of Transcontinental Inc., and Joel Silver, Chief Merchant Officer of Indigo Books & Music Inc., with The Order of the Forest awards.

Since 2003, Canopy, formerly known as Markets Initiative, has presented The Order of the Forest – the NGO’s take on The Order of Canada – to environmentally progressive leaders active within the printing and publishing industries. While early recognition went primarily to Big Name Canadian authors, such as Margaret Atwood, Austin Clarke, Barbara Gowdy and the late Pierre Berton, more print-specific leaders are now emerging for recognition.

Earlier in 2009, Krista Nicholds, co-President of Dollco Printing, and Kim Latreille, Group Production Director of St. Joseph Media, also received The Order of the Forest recognition. Denault has led much of Transcontinental’s environmental stance, which most recently added groundbreaking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) status for its Freemont plant in California – opened in mid-2009 to print The San Francisco Chronicle.


The Order of the Forest recipients

Jean Denault, VP, Procurement and Technology, Transcontinental Inc.
Joel Silver, Chief Merchant Officer, Indigo Books
Kim Latreille, Group Production Director, St. Joseph Media
Krista Nicholds, Co-President and Owner, Dollco Printing
Tuppy Blair, President, CMC
Michael Hollett, Publisher, Now magazine
Yves Beauchemin, author

Rick Boychuk, Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Geographic

Ken Alexander, Editor, The Walrus
Sharon Coates, Production Manager, The Walrus
Mark Patenaude, GM, St. Joseph Print
J.K. Rowling, author
Christopher Little, author
Les Intouchables, publishing house
Écosociété, publishing house

Jodi Brooks, Production Manager, explore and Cottage Life
Maria Mendes, Manager of Print Production, Transcontinental Media
Christian Dogimont, Publisher, HoBO
Multi-Mondes, Québec City publishing house
Louis Hamelin, author

Alice Munro, author
Alma Lee, author
Al Zikovitz, Publisher of explore
Peter Ter Weeme, VP Marketing, Mountain Equipment Co-op
Alison Jones, Publisher, Quill & Quire
Lynn O’Hearn, Sales, St. Joseph Print
Gallimard Limitée, publishing house

Margaret Atwood, author
Alan McDougall, Raincoast Books
Geoffrey Taylor, International Festival of Authors
John Thomson, Publisher, Canadian Geographic

Austin Clarke, author
Timothy Findlay, author
Pierre Berton, author
Barbara Gowdy, author