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Toronto’s Laser Reproductions adds RMGT 9 series LED-UV press

August 23, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Laser Reproductions and its subsidiary Welter Studio, a full-service printing company in Toronto, Ont., has installed a new RMGT 9 series sheetfed offset press, replacing its 12-year-old RMGT 7 series press. Manufactured by Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology and purchased through Canadian distributor KBR Graphics, the new press is equipped with automatic plate changing, smart make-ready technology and LED-UV instant curing.

Complementing the print shop’s existing six-colour 40-inch press, the RMGT 9 series press aims to deliver cost advantages when handling a range of printing jobs, from A1 posters to 8-up printing of 8.5 x 11 inch.

“Our previous RMGT press was certainly great. In the 12 years that we ran the press, we only placed a handful service calls. It was the obvious choice for us to reinvest in RMGT for our new acquisition,” says Andy Wong, President of Laser Reproductions. “We added some great new features that will increase our productivity and will provide added-value to our outputs.”


LED-UV technology has helped increase Laser Reproduction’s print quality, KBR notes, explaining that the technology instantly cures ink on the paper and ink is not absorbed, producing a “sharper image with exceptional ink vibrancy especially on uncoated stocks.” LED-UV is also designed as providing a quicker turnaround time, due to instant drying of the ink.

“The instant drying of cold cure LED-UV technology allows for immediate backing up of jobs with no need to rack or worry about set-off issues,” Wong says.

KBR Graphics explains the RMGT 9 series press has proven to be a popular investment choice having, in recent years, close to 60 North American installations.

“As a downtown Toronto printer, real estate is at a premium and the ability to have an 8-up press in virtually the same space as my older 29-inch allowed me to maintain the same production area,” Wong says. “We faced the overwhelming challenge to be competitive while remaining profitable, especially when printing small lots in short delivery times. The RMGT 9 six-colour press that we installed allows us to offer competitive priced high-quality jobs in shorter delays.”

The Toronto print shop is the first printer in Canada to install the larger sized configuration, the RMGT 940, which can run 25 x 37-inch sheets, according to KBR Graphics.

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