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WGSN, Coloro reveal key colours for 2025

October 10, 2023  By PrintAction Staff

WGSN and Coloro share the colours that will be adopted by 2026. According to them, the key colours for autumn/winter (A/W) 2025/26 are celestial yellow, cherry lacquer, retro blue, neon flare and future dusk.

Urangoo Samba, head of colour for WGSN, said, “Our key colours for A/W 25/26 reflect urgency, repair and reassurance as we face new necessities in this new reality globally. Acceleration is the overarching theme of our A/W 25/26 Global Colour Forecast. As the climate crisis brings chaos and strange omens of decline, we will see an acceleration of change, both good and bad. Light and luminous hues such as celestial yellow, as well as meditative and sensual darks of future dusk and cherry lacquer speak of the search for restoration, whether it be looking out to cosmos for guidance, or turning our gaze inwards for solace.

“Dependable and familiar colours, such as retro blue, echo the enduring appeal of nostalgia, and the need to connect with people and things that are comforting and recognizable in a world that feels perilous and uncertain. Intense and bright tones such as neon flare, mirror the beauty and strangeness of nature, and the urgency and activism required to bring it back to a place of balance.”


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