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Why your large format software should be working hard

July 28, 2023  By PrintAction Staff

Are you getting the most out of your large format digital printing hardware investment?

Once you have enjoyed the capacity uplift, expanded application possibilities, and explored the production flexibility of digital, especially when making the transition from analogue technologies for processes such as screen printing, what’s next?

Increasingly for print service providers (PSPs) attention is turning to ways to use software to save time and money and, ultimately, boost profits without the need for further expenditure.


In fact, a recent Keypoint Intelligence survey in America exploring how software is transforming large format production found nesting software has specifically been on the rise. It reported 92 per cent of large format PSPs are harnessing nesting and ganging software for capacity optimization and almost 30 per cent of PSPs are saving up to $10,000 annually as a result.

Nesting is a quick and easy way of enabling the most efficient use of often costly substrates. It also ensures smoother completion of post printing processes such as cutting for greater accuracy, reliability, and consistency.

Specialist large format software can also deliver the following operational improvements:

Accurate cost calculations

Alongside substrates, ink is one of the most expensive elements in a job. Accurate calculations for profitable pricing are vital, especially when margins are so tight. Getting it wrong can mean the difference between profit and loss. It could also result in clients going elsewhere.

Consistent results on different substrates

Producing the same job on different substrates and ensuring the colours, depth and vibrancy match can be very challenging. Skilled operators can spend a significant amount of time matching and testing. Software can set up the correct ICC profiles to deliver the consistency clients are requesting.

Reduce the need for skilled staff

Finding knowledgeable employees is becoming increasingly challenging. Easy to use and run large format software enables PSPs to take on less skilled staff or allow vital team members to cover a number of systems more flexibly.

Allow the smooth adoption of digital

Operations that have been running analogue systems are increasingly seeing the value of being able to produce the shorter runs, or customized jobs, which are made possible with digital printing technology. Simple to use large format software aids this switch, supporting a fast and smooth adoption process that drives confidence in the possibilities for a successful transition.

What could enhanced software utilization deliver your business? How can you explore smarter software to make your hardware work harder? A good start would be to explore the possibilities.

Angelo Mandelli is large format and flatbed product manager, Ricoh Graphic Communications, Ricoh Europe

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