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Friesens flips the switch on their new HP PageWide T250 HD inkjet press

September 11, 2023  By PrintAction Staff

Friesens recently acquired an HP PageWide T250 HD inkjet press for more cost-effective short runs.

This press can transform a roll of paper into a book block primed for the binding line in 80 ft, managed by just one or two operators.

“Two of the biggest challenges when launching new technology and equipment are understanding how it will impact our customers, and which products will run best on this new technology. We spent a lot of time getting customer feedback, working with vendors, and analyzing our product types to ensure the investments we are making line up with the current and future needs of our customer base,” said a company statement.


“There are always pros and cons, and with efficiency and speed come challenges. For example, the price of ink can be a variable when comparing presses. The cost of ink for a conventional press would be a fraction of the total printing cost while ink prices for the inkjet press may account for approximately 30 per cent of the total cost. Still, the ability to print ‘on demand’ so-to-speak, makes the inkjet press a true gem,” added the statement.

The era of longer print runs might be evolving. Friesens foresees a shift toward shorter runs and more frequent reprints, enabled by technologies like the inkjet press. The press’s flexibility becomes a tool for publishers to adapt to this new normal, printing smaller initial quantities and adjusting as needed.

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