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Met Printers Goes Carbon Neutral

April 27, 2010


Vancouver’s Metropolitan Fine Printers has partnered with Pacific Carbon Trust, a B.C. Crown Agency, to become fully carbon neutral for all of its printed goods.

The company, led by George Kallas, has a long history of environmental awareness, and is the recipient of several Environmental Printing Awards from PrintAction.

“It was only natural that we move to Carbon Neutrality. From now on,
everything printed here at Metropolitan will be 100 percent carbon neutral and
clients will have the option to buy carbon credits to offset their
paper consumption on a per project basis. We are very excited and happy
with this accomplishment,” said Kallas in a statement.

The Pacific Carbon Trust has so far partnered with six B.C. companies to provide carbon offsets, including Westcoast Air, the Vancouver Aquarium and BC Hydro’s Power Smart program. The agency’s aim is to build and promote B.C.’s “low carbon economy.” The agency started dealing in offsets last summer.

“Metropolitan is not only setting the bar for the printing industry,
but has a unique opportunity to send a message of sustainability to its
many clients. We are pleased to be a part of that important message –
congratulation Metropolitan on achieving carbon neutrality,” said Scott
MacDonald, CEO of Pacific Carbon Trust.