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Printing United Alliance, Brand Chain, and PERF to merge

February 19, 2024  By PrintAction Staff

Printing United Alliance, Brand Chain, and the Print Education & Research Foundation (PERF) intend to merge by April 1, 2024.

Brand Chain provides members with access to premier education and supply chain partnerships. “With a rich legacy in print, Brand Chain is excited to join forces with Printing United Alliance and sees this merger as an opportunity to further empower distributors and elevate industry standards,” says Matt Bruno, executive director, Brand Chain. “Together with the Alliance, Brand Chain aims to develop a stronger supply chain ecosystem, enabling members to expand their capabilities and forge even more meaningful partnerships.”

The Alliance shares Brand Chain and PERF’s vision for advancing the printing industry through collaboration and innovation. The merger will enable the organizations to leverage their respective strengths, resources, and expertise to better serve their members and drive positive change within the industry.


“We are thrilled to welcome Brand Chain and PERF to the Printing United Alliance family,” says Ford Bowers, CEO, Printing United Alliance. “This merger represents a significant milestone in our collective efforts to strengthen the printing industry’s product life cycle and chain of value. By combining our strengths and resources, we can create new opportunities for growth, innovation, and success for all members.”

PERF is organized exclusively for research and educational purposes, including establishing educational programs for individuals interested in printing education and research. PERF supports Brand Chain in providing valuable education, programs, and resources for its members.

“The synonymous missions of Printing United Alliance, Brand Chain, and PERF make this partnership not only highly anticipated, but also exciting to see just how well we can even better serve the marketplace,” says Nathan Goldberg, CEO of Specialized, and chair of PERF. “By uniting all resources, we are able to accelerate the growth of education in print for distribution and wholesale.”

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