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Reelables introduces printable smart shipping labels

December 11, 2023  By PrintAction Staff

Reelables launches 5G Smart Labels, a printable 5G label solution for logistics providers, cargo forwarders, and retailers to track shipments at the piece level as they move through the supply chain.

The label functions as a tracking device connected to a cellular network. Reelables has achieved the ability to mass manufacture thin, flexible smart labels that can be printed in volume from off-the-shelf barcode printers. The underlying technology is a reel-to-reel, thin-film manufacturing process.

“This is a major breakthrough when it comes to supply chain visibility and automation,” said Brian Krejcarek, CEO and co-founder of Reelables. “Achieving mass production and pervasive deployment of these thin film wireless smart labels will change how businesses track items, reduce theft and loss, and demonstrate accountability to their customers.”


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